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Welcome to, the ScoutGuard and Uway trail camera
specialist. We've been specializing in Scout Guard digital trail cameras since
they revolutionized the trail camera industry in 2008 with the SG550. Before
the SG550, trail cameras were huge, undependable and suffered horrific
battery life. Within a year of the 550's release the trail camera industry realized
they had a serious competitor and desperately needed to up their game.
Smaller cameras with better battery life were soon popping up everywhere. Not
to be outdone, ScoutGuard continued innovating and in 2010 the SG580M
began an era of affordable priced cellular cameras that wirelessly transmit
pictures to your email or cell phone.  

Uway also jumped on the scene in 2010 with the first affordable priced true
black flash scouting camera with the NT50B. The industry has once again
jumped up to imitate and knockoffs abound.

One thing is for certain, Scout Guard and Uway were the first of their kind and has been there serving happy customers since the very
beginning! Both manufacturers continue to rock the industry with innovation
and we plan to deliver it to you at a bargain for ears to come!
ScoutGuard and Uway trail cameras